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Growing up, my family spent a lot of time in dreamy Lake Tahoe. We've spent time there every single summer since I was born, and lots of snowy ski days as well. I may be biased, but in my opinion, Lake Tahoe is heaven. The perfect place to  rejuvenate and connect with nature. Plus, every time I come back I feel like a kid again, running around in a swimsuit from sunrise to dark. I compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do in Lake Tahoe : 

-- Hike the DL Bliss Rubicon Trail - it runs along the Lake and it is BEAUTIFUL. There are also a lot of rock jumps into the lake if you want to cool down :) Here is a picture from the trail..

-- Eat at Sunnyside (the BEST zucchini sticks), Hacienda Del Lago, Bacchis, and go get some Hula Pie at either Jake's or Sunnyside.

 -- Ride your bikes to Squaw Valley along the Truckee river, it's the most beautiful bike path! Explore the Squaw Valley village, eat some pizza and gelato while you're up there.

-- Raft down the Truckee river! The water is high this year from all the snow, so the Truckee is in prime condition! Very mellow and easy ride, the smallest rapids ever haha.

 -- Boating! Get up early to hit the glass. 

-- Go explore Emerald bay state park! There is the raddest island in the middle of the bay that you can swim to. Also watch out for bears here, we have run into a few. 

-- If you can, stay somewhere that has a nice beach or pier. We spend the majority of our down time by the lake reading, swimming and fishing for crawdads.

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