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Ever since i was a little girl, my dad has raced race cars off-road in the Baja series. It's always been a family affair. When we were little we would all squeeze in the motorhome, cousins, aunts, grandma everyone and head down the coast of Baja as my Dad and uncles raced 1000 miles from Tijuana to Cabo. A few months ago I finally got to take the driver seat with my Dad and experience it firsthand. For 5 days we raced through the desert and then surfed our way back up for another 5 days. There's something so refreshing about leaving life behind for a bit, not having any service at all and fully embracing the simple life. It was a total detox from my worries and I honestly gained so much clarity and peace from disappearing for awhile with people I love and look up to. We drove through these little Mexican villages and ate fish tacos with the locals and surfed until we were burnt to a crisp, and honestly life doesn't get much better than that. You remember what is important, and you realize how silly our over-stimulated, over-exposed and over-competitive world really is. I sometimes think we've made a big mess for ourselves, and forgot how simple it really is. It's all very simple stuff- but I remembered that "things" don't matter, "titles" don't matter and "posts and likes" definitely don't matter. Do you really think a leathered, humble fisherman in deep Mexico is much less happy than a yuppy, sleek LA professional with a brand new BMW, and disappearing edge pool? From what i saw in those ten days, I'm starting to think probably not. It's all just a rat race and sometimes I just want nothing to do with it. That's why i'm so thankful for family vacations like this. If i could wish anything for you all this summer, I hope you get to escape, and I hope you get to fully disconnect, cause I really believe that's how you can best connect to what's most important. Cheers to Summer!

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