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A day in the life

Posted by Courtney Holmes on

Hi! Elle Holmes here, I'm the creator of this little company and I thought I'd give you the story behind how this all came about, and what it is looking like now.


When and how did you get involved in this work?

 After I graduated from BYU, I went to design school at University of Hawaii. There I started taking fashion business classes, and lots of sewing classes, including a swimsuit design class. Growing up in San Diego and going to school in Hawaii, I basically lived in a swimsuit and grew up surfing a ton. I could not find any swimsuit companies I really liked, so I started drafting my own patterns and sewing my own swimsuits. People started taking an interest in them, so I decided to find a manaufacturer and start selling my designs.

 Me and my U of H family


 First ELE SWIMS shoot ever... these were some of the first suits I made in my living room.


What’s a typical day like for you?

 A typical day – I’ll either start the morning with a walk to the Newport Back Bay, a really pretty bay near my house, or I’ll go to a yoga or spin class. I try to make my mornings a time of reflection and peace. I’ll come home and try to catch up on my emails and messages. Oh and I’ll usually have a nice bowl of Lucky Charms or Froot Loops. Gross… I know. Then I'll start working on whatever is most urgent at the time- whether it be a photoshoot, scheduling collaborations with bloggers and models, shipping and exchanges, accounting, or working on new designs and manufacturing specifics. I also have been focusing a ton on growth and getting my suits into more surf shops. This is a one-woman business right now, so I’m usually doing something different everyday! I’m a big believer in balance, so if all goes well I’ll end up at the beach during the evening for a couple hours to get a nice surf session in with friends. I’ll make a good dinner – usually salmon and veggies, and then either read (current: Shoe Dog) or watch an episode of a show (current: Grey’s Anatomy or The Bachelorette). I like to go to bed early so I can get a full 8 hours of sleep, and so I’m ready to do it all over in the morning!



What do you like most about your work? 

 What I love most is the design process. I started out as strictly a designer, and so the whole business side of it I have had to learn as I go! I love the process of starting with just an idea in my head, then bringing the suit to life through sketches and hand-drawn fabric designs. The most exciting part is getting those first samples! I also love that the success of this venture is in my hands, it all really depends on how much heart/work I put into it. 


  What skills are most crucial to succeed in this work?

 I think the most crucial skill to succeed in this work is to never give up. You will have very low low’s and very high high’s and balance is key. Also – in this industry you have to firmly believe that “comparison is the thief of joy.” Someone will always seem to be ahead of you, and that’s okay.

 Future Goals?

I would absolutely love to start sponsoring up and coming surfer girls! Would love to create an ELE SWIMS surf team of surfers from around the world. Would also love to be a wife and mama one day :)

What is your inspiration?

The ocean! I wanted to create a suit that was high quality that I could surf in and feel comfortable and cute in. I think my travels have been my biggest inspiration in regards to the fabric designs and colors. I travel to Bali alot for work and it has the most beautiful, bohemian, relaxed feel to it. Alot of my ideas were born there. 


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  • Love what you do and your story is so inspiring! I have been following your journey since I was introduced to your business through mutual friends a little while ago. So happy that it is taking off for you and I am so pleased to be able to recommend your swimsuits to my friends and family in Australia. We love the surf here too!

    Veronica on

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