A day in the life

Hi! Elle Holmes here, I'm the creator of this little company and I thought I'd give you the story behind how this all came about, and what it is looking like now.   When and how did you get involved in this work?  After I graduated from BYU, I went to design school at University of Hawaii. There I started taking fashion business classes, and lots of sewing classes, including a swimsuit design class. Growing up in San Diego and going to school in Hawaii, I basically lived in a swimsuit and grew up surfing a ton. I could not find any swimsuit companies I really liked, so I started drafting my own patterns and sewing my own swimsuits. People started...

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Hey friends! My friend Bree took some AMAZING pictures of our suits. She lives on the north shore of Oahu, any photographer's dream. Check out a few pictures from the series ....                  All photos by Bree Hannemann  

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 Hello friends! Just wanted to post a little video i took of our trip to Bali. It's not the most professional video haha, in fact it's extremely shaky. I was basically just holding it while multitasking, but it's some fun memories! Bali is AMAZING, probably my most favorite place in the world so far. I'm glad I "have to" travel to this place for work more in the coming years. If you are a hippie or a surfer or both, you will not want to leave if you come. Just a warning. Also remember to put it in 720 HD in the settings on the bottom of the vid. Cheers!

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